House Church

Worshipping together just got better!

Life is better together! We are taking this opportunity to join together and interact together as House Churches and YOU are invited! Some will be single families, some with a few friends – all connecting to follow Jesus together!

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House Church FAQ

What happens at a House Church?

There’s no set pattern for a House Church. Some will just be families, maybe with breakfast and pajamas! Others might be a few friends together for coffee. It’s not really the how, but more about just staying connected.

How often does a House Church meet?

House Churches are designed to meet each week, preferably at 10am for Today.Church All Together. However, there may be schedules that will necessitate another time to worship. It’s really up to the needs of those who are meeting together.

Is childcare available?

Childcare varies from house to house. Your House Church will let you know if childcare is available.

Don’t forget we also offer a weekly online experience for kids! Click for more info!