Pastor's Log

Thoughts and musings about following Jesus with the occasional Star Trek reference.

5 Keys to Overcoming Guilt

Guilt! You can see it in the eyes of a toddler when they get caught in the cookie jar. But sometimes what you can’t see is even more real. Hidden guilt is diabolical. Guilt is a natural consequence of sin. You mess up, you feel bad about it. It would seem guilt should...

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Faithfulness Matters

Results matter. But it’s also true that results don’t matter. The difference between success and failure is this. Success continues to do the right thing even when the results aren’t visible. Faith alone isn’t enough. Faithfulness is the key. I just...

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Less Is More

This is day two. Things are already different. This year as an identity challenge to focus, I deleted all the social media and news apps from my phone. All of them. I wrote about why, here: Identity Rules. I’ve had a social media time limiter on my computer for a...

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Identity Rules!

Real change begins with identity. I can’t even begin to identify how many times I’ve heard or read that. As a Jesus follower, it’s important to distinguish between a catchy phrase and a biblical principle. In Matthew 12:33 Jesus uses the analogy that the...

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