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The Book of James
Living Your Faith

For the first time, we’re diving into a verse-by-verse series at Today.Church!

Join us this Sunday at 10am for “The Book of James – Living Your Faith,”
and discover how to put your faith into action every day!

Meeting Sundays All Together @ 10:00am

This Sunday Is Backyard Baptism & Burgers!

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Getting the Most Out of All Together Online

You’ll face a lot of digital distractions once the service kicks off. Choose to stay committed & engaged. (Don’t worry! Those other notifications will still be there when we are finished.)
If you choose to watch the Weekend Experince at www.todaychurch.tv, you can interact with many others who are watching at the same time. The chat allows us to be more interactive, and even pray together. Watch there at 10am Sundays for a more personal experience. You can also watch and share on Facebook Live. The recordings of each weekend will be available here and on Facebook too. We also have a Facebook Group to stay connected.
You can’t feed your body by watching other people eat, and you can’t feed your soul by watching others worship. So make this a spiritual time – sing, pray, and read the word along with us. Most importantly, listen for God’s voice and respond in faith to what He says.

Who can you invite to watch with you? Being able to share about church is a great way to stay connected. Whether you are part of a House Church, or will be watching in your PJ’s, invite someone to watch too!

Pastor’s Log

Rethinking Church: Are you interested in simple church like the New Testament?

What’s your definition of church? Today.Church is rethinking church. This five-minute video and blog post casts that simple church vision. #lovefirst

Are You Blinded By Bitterness?

Are you blinded by bitterness? What do you need to wipe away from your heart and thoughts to see more clearly?

When Winning Is Losing

We won! That pretty much sums up the conservative response to the recent Supreme Court ruling. But did we really win? What would be the evidence of that?

The Blessing Of Obedience

Obedience is about application, not just information. We can understand or know something and not actually do it. The blessing is in obedience.

The Anger Algorithm

There is a very real anger algorithm. Anger may feel right at the time, but it only leads to wrong. This is how we change the algorithm. #lovefirst

Fear Is The Real Storm!

I hope that I’m wrong. Yet there’s something that feels like a storm is coming. As COVID-19 cases seem to be increasing, so is the polarization and anger.

Do Not Pass Go

We can’t fit Jesus into our lives when we want, put all the pieces back in the box and place it on the shelf until next time. Do not pass go!

Will You Be A Prayer TEAM Disciple-Maker?

Are you a prayer warrior? Are you ready to become one? We need you as a Prayer TEAM Disciple-Maker, praying specifically for a disciple-making movement.

Six Simple Steps To Pray The Jesus Way!

How’s your prayer life? If you are anything like me, prayer is always something that needs improvement. Want to pray the Jesus way?

A Real House Of Prayer

I believe God wants us to have a real House of Prayer. A literal place. A physical location. Not for church services. Not for group meetings. A public place, always open, just for prayer.

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