Who’s READY? There is a spot for you!

A few weeks ago we outlined the steps to get READY for in person worship services. The plan included the understanding that circumstances might change and that we were also READY to pivot and adjust as needed.

Today.Church will continue to offer in person weekend experiences Sundays at 10:00am as well as an interactive online church experience. We fully support everyone’s choice as to what spot is best for you!

We are prayerfully seeking God about how we can better BE the church, #today! If you would like more information about the steps we are taking right now, click the button below,

How Can We Help You?

We know that this crisis has been a tough time for many people and many families. We also wanted to send this out to let you know that we are READY to help as many people as we can. You will soon start hearing a lot about on the dot. We are making it even easier for you to connect. If you need prayer, it’s on the dot, at (pray dot today.church) https://pray.today.church

If you need more than prayer, please let us know. We can’t help everyone, but we want to help as many as we can with the resources we have. Just ask!


Are You READY To Serve?

Check out the plan. Let us know if you can be a part. And please pray with us that God will use this time to help Today.Church to reach even more people that aren’t being reached by traditional church.

Sin is the only line we won’t cross to invite more people to follow Jesus! #lovefirst