Pe פ

The letter Pe is the 17th in the Hebrew alphabet and has the numeric value of 80. It has two forms has two different vocalizations – a hard p or a soft f sound. The pictograph version looks somewhat like a mouth. The classic Hebrew script changes names and sound with the addition of a small dot in the center.

Pe פ Prayer Focus: Keep It Simple!

With the word Pe having a meaning of not only mouth but also word or expression, today’s prayer focus is about the words that Jesus gave to us. He said to enter the Kingdom we must become like a little child, but often we make it complex. The Today.Church vision is just a simple version of three primary words or commands Jesus gave us.

Love God. Love people. Make disciples.

Just as the letter Pe changes form based on one little dot, obeying Jesus is also about the small things. What did He really command us to do. Keep it simple. Our calls to action, God’s words to us, are not complicated.

So why do we make it so complicated? Honestly, many times it’s just a distraction to keep us from obeying in the small things. Ever notice when a kid is making up an excuse to get out of trouble the story often gets more and more complex? We often do the same thing.

When at our jobs, we make sure to obey the rules and do what we’re told so we don’t have to be let go. Yet when it comes to the eternal departure from the Kingdom, commitment becomes “too hard.”

Loving God, loving people and making disciples isn’t optional for a Jesus follower. Those are very specific commands. It’s easier to sit around and debate theories. How can we keep it simple?

What we call the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 is really just a few simple steps. Go. Baptize. Teach. Yet if you look at the statistics in America, the decline in church attendance is clear evidence that too many of us don’t really keep it simple and do what Jesus said.

Who is in my circle of influence? Who can I connect with? Where can I go outside of my comfort zone and share the Good News?

Today let’s pray to keep it simple!

Here are some scriptures to meditate on as we pray together:

(mouse over or click the scripture references)

Matthew 4:19-20 | Mark 16:15 | Acts 1:8 |

Romans 10:14–15 | 2 Timothy 2:2 | 1 John 5:3

Section פ of Psalm 119

Psalms 119:129-136 (NET) פ (Pe)

129 Your rules are marvelous.

Therefore I observe them.

130 Your instructions are a doorway through which light shines.

They give insight to the untrained.

131 I open my mouth and pant,

because I long for your commands.

132 Turn toward me and extend mercy to me,

as you typically do to your loyal followers.

133 Direct my steps by your word!

Do not let any sin dominate me!

134 Deliver me from oppressive men,

so that I can keep your precepts.

135 Smile on your servant!

Teach me your statutes!

136 Tears stream down from my eyes,

because people do not keep your law.