The Fall of Man

Instead of God’s plan of perfect love and relationship, mankind always rebells. We chose our own way instead. God even planned a solution for that!

Genesis 3:1-13, Romans 5:16-19

Genesis 3:1-13

Discovery Question Ideas

  • What did the serpent ask the woman?
  • How did she answer?
  • What had God actually said?
  • What had they done with God’s simple command?
  • What lies did the serpent tell them?
  • Read Genesis 3:5 again. What does yada- to know mean?
  • What happened when they touched it?
  • What problem did they notice and how did they try to fix it?
  • How do we try to cover our own shame?
  • Did they take responsibility for their sin?
  • Why did God talk to them even when they hid?

Romans 5:16-19

Discovery Question Ideas

  • What are two results of Adam’s sin?
  • What are the results of God’s free gift?
  • Who’s act of righteousness brings new life? (Christ, Messiah, Jesus.)

The gracious gift of Jesus is the way back to the original plan of perfect relationship. If we believe and obey what He

Disciple Trait To Put Into Action!

Fervent Prayer Warriors.

We fight the real battle with constant prayer!

Scripture quotes:

“…devoted to the prayers… lifted their voices together in prayer… many were gathered for prayer… after more fasting and prayer…”

Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us!

  • Have I prayed about it??

Additional Study:

Matthew 6:9-13 | Acts 2:42, 4:24, 12:12, 13:3 | Ephesians 6:12, 18 |

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 | James 5:16