God Regrets His Creation

God grieved over the wickedness on the earth that was the result of man’s sin. Even so, there is still a patient plan of redemption.

Genesis 6:1-8, Luke 17:26-31, 2 Peter 3:8-14

Genesis 6:1-8

Discovery Question Ideas

  • As the population increased on the earth, what else increased?
  • How does this relate to the kind after kind pattern?
  • What were they thinking? Literally?
  • What does this tell us about sin’s consequences?
  • Who alone found favor (grace) with God?

Luke 17:26-33

Discovery Question Ideas

  • Who is the Son of Man?
  • How does Jesus compare His return with Noah’s time?
  • How does vs 33 relate to Noah?

Jesus makes it clear that many won’t be paying attention to what’s really important. Are we?

2 Peter 3:8-14

Discovery Question Ideas

  • What’s time like to God?
  • How does verse 9 relate to God being grieved over sin?
  • Read verses 11 & 14 again. How should we respond?

John 3:16 tells us that God loved the world so much He gave us Jesus. God wasn’t just sad about sin, but His patience and grace even today reveals His desire to restore the world’s brokenness.

Disciple Trait To Put Into Action!

Ridiculously Generous.

We give like crazy!

Scripture quotes:

“… sold their property and possessions… what they owned was not their own… shared everything… no needy people among them …”

Generosity is about trust not money!

  • Who needs what I have?

Additional Study:

Luke 12:33 | Acts 2:44-45, 4:32-34 | 1 Timothy 6:17-18 |

2 Cor 8:12-13 | 1 John 3:17